PHP Report Maker 10 Crack Patch & Keygen Download

PHP Report Maker 10 Crack Patch & Keygen Free Download

PHP Report Maker 10 Crack Patch & Keygen Download

PHP Report Maker 10 Crack Patch Information:

PHP Report Maker 10 Crack is an easy-to-use PHP repoting software which permits to generate dynamic PHP reports from numerous database engines. It supports MySQL, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database. The software is very easy to use, all controls and functions are very accessible, with a user-friendly interface, makes it suitable for novices and experienced designers alikePHP Report Maker 10 brings new flexibility and numerous options that enable you to generate the reports that best suits your needs.

It offers a new breakthrough tool in creating a complete PHP Web reports without having to write codes.PHP Report Maker 10 is one of the best PHP reporting tool, it is very suitable for both beginners and experienced users alike. With this program, you can instantly create live detail and summary reports for your Websites, generate charts, and more.

PHP Report Maker 10 Key Features:

  • CSS style sheet with multi-Language
  • IIS Express and Compatibility with PHPMaker
  • Advanced date and timer picker
  • Support dynamic stylesheet language.
  • Relative filter for datetime fields.
  • Responsive layout with bootstrap, etc.
  • Supports multiple charts for each report.
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Toolbar and vector icons with tooltip.
  • View formatting for fields and links.
  • Improved compact summary only view.
  • Summary report without grouping fields
  • Option to skip null and zero values when calculating summary values.
  • Visible property of field object .
  • Faster code generation by JScript engine.
  • IIS Express as testing server.
  • jQuery library included.

What’s new in PHP Report Maker 10:

  • New faster and powerful script engine
  • New modal lookup dialog (Filters)
  • New modal searching and paging
  • New option to show grouping levels
  • New option to show the summary rows
  • New option in HTML with JsRender
  • SQL expression to add custom fields
  • New session time-out period, and more.

PHP Report Maker 10 Crack Patch & Keygen Download

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